Dreaming of a dreamlike mythical world means that the dreamer is now living happily and happily.

If the dream is a quiet and elegant mythical world, it means that the dreamer lives in peace and leisure;

Dreaming of the mythical world of demons and monsters running rampant indicates that the dreamer is nervous, stressed, or about to encounter troubles.

Case analysis of dreaming about myths

Dream description: I dreamt that I came to a mythical world, a wonderful and charming dream space. In the ethereal fairyland, the characters from mythology emerge one by one, including the Seven Fairies, Chang'e, Monkey King, etc., which are very lively. (Female, 26 years old)

Dream analysis: the myth in the dream is a symbol of auspiciousness and tranquility. The myth in the dream is very beautiful, and it indicates that your life is auspicious. The myth in the dream is neutral, meaning that your life is peaceful and peaceful. The myth in the dream is terrible, implying that you will encounter troubles.