Dreaming that my subject is holding a paper man for the dead and smiling strangely on the street . This may indicate that you have been under too much pressure recently. Most spiritual things make people feel depressed. From a psychological point of view, it should be like this. This depression is brought about by things in work or life.

To dream of a paper man smiling at me, this dream is indeed bad. You can go to the temple to get incense and it will be solved.

Dreaming of the shoulder of a paper man (the kind of paper man who burned to the dead) seems to have said something to him. Talking in the dream indicates the process of thinking, or that you have not cleared your thoughts and are deeply troubled by things.

Dreaming of a paper man being burned for the dead means that you intend to forget some unpleasant past events and prepare to stand up again from frustration, don’t be afraid.

Dreaming that Mingbi is a dangerous omen, indicating that there may be economic losses.

Dreaming of burning Ming coins is a good omen and a sign of wealth.

To dream of burning Ming coins for the deceased is a good omen, and life will be happy.

To dream of picking up coins would cost a lot of money to treat illnesses for your loved ones.