Don't be afraid to dream about the dead or death, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

On the one hand, dreaming of an unknown dead person or corpse often represents something that has died, died, ended, and died, indicating that you will enter a new stage and welcome a new beginning. If a good person or thing dies, it indicates a painful loss; if the deceased looks ugly, it means the disappearance of bad things. Dreaming about the body of an acquaintance means frustration and misfortune of the dreamer in love;

From a personal point of view, dreaming about the dead also means that you have planned to forget some unpleasant past events and prepare to step out of frustration and welcome a new life. Death at this time symbolizes oblivion, overcoming, etc. For example, when meeting new lovers, someone suddenly dreams of this dream, saying that they have forgotten the old lovers who left their painful memories.

Dreaming of your own death implies that you will start a new life, or that you will change and start a new phase of your life.

If you dream of killing yourself, it also indicates that you have ended the "me of the past" or eliminated a bad aspect of your mind. If your dead self in the dream is ugly, it means that you have finally ended the pain in one area, or you have overcome the shortcomings in one area, and your soul is reborn. The dead in the dream is a symbol of detachment.

On the other hand, dreaming about the dead also symbolizes the loss of vitality.

For example, dreaming about someone you know dies may indicate that you feel that the person in your dream is losing energy and becoming dead. Sometimes when there is poor communication and when you are exhausted, you may have such a dream. Sometimes it is also the meaning to dream of people suddenly turning into stone statues.

Dreaming of your own death means worrying about losing your vitality. When you feel dead or worried that you are no longer growing. Or feel that there is no fun in living, like "the walking dead", when the heart is as dead as it is, you will also dream of dying. Conversely, if you dream about the resurrection of the dead , it implies that you have regained vitality.

There is another meaning to dreaming about the dead, that this dream is indeed a warning.

Dreaming of eating with the dead means that life will be long.

For example, when you suddenly dream of the death of a relative or friend, and you feel grief in the dream, as a result, the person is really dead or seriously ill.

Generally speaking, if the dream is happy, the moral is good. If you can feel grief and heavyness in your dream, it may be the meaning of a warning.

In the West, the Freudian school also believes that dreaming of relatives and friends dying and sorrowful in dreams, sometimes people who would like to die when they are young, for example, hate brothers and sisters who share the love of their parents. The other died.

Therefore, on the one hand, dreaming this dream may just be a reappearance of the emotions at that time. In fact, maybe you have a very good relationship today. So don't worry, this is just your physical function in relieving childhood anxiety.

On the other hand, it may also indicate that you have resentment towards others in your heart, and subconsciously re-awakened this childhood hope, so you dreamed that he was dead. At this time, if this person is your loved one, the moral mechanism in your subconscious will also exert a powerful force at the same time, so the dreamer will feel abnormal grief in the dream.

Dreaming of talking to the dead, suggesting that you want to be famous, or that your wishes can be achieved, things go well, and you will receive good news.

Dreaming of dining with someone who died would foretell you to live long. (From)

Dreaming that you are holding the dead, foreshadows you good fortune and prosperity. If you feel that the body smells bad, or even grows a tadpole, it may even indicate that you will be rich. However, if you dream about holding the body and crying in pain for the name of the dead, it indicates that the dreamer may encounter changes and accidents, and even endanger her life. If you are holding a skull in your dream, it implies that you may be vilified, reminding you to beware of deception.

Dreaming that the dead came into the house, foreshadow good luck, and Geely came to the door.

Dream of the dead as alive as when a happy life, laughing, indicating the dreamer lives may be adversely impact, beware suffer.

Dreaming about the dead crying means that there will be setbacks, things are not going well, and desires are hindered.

If you dream of the death of your friends and relatives, it means that your friends and relatives who died in your dreams will live a long and healthy life.

Dreaming of the death of a stranger indicates that the career will turn for the better, or the business will turn for the better and flourish.

Dreaming of the death of your lovers indicates that you are about to get married and live a happy and loving life.

Dreaming of a dead father coming to life, suggesting that there might be disputes and divisions in the family.

Dreaming of the resurrection of a dead friend suggests that you may be in trouble, embarrassed, and need help.

Hearing the news of the enemy's death in her dream heralded a forgiving and faithful friend.

Dreaming of the dead walking out of the coffin , suggesting that there will be a sudden visit by friends who have not been in contact for a long time.

Dreaming about arguing with the dead, he said that he would be strong and strong, and live longer than Nanshan.

Dreaming of talking to the dead is an auspicious sign. But it has begun to gradually move towards independence.

Dreaming of a deceased wife indicates that you may marry again, and that the other party is well educated and will become your powerful assistant in your career.

The widow dreamed of her deceased husband, suggesting that she might not have remarried.

Dreaming about the death of your mount or animal indicates that economic property may be lost.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of the resurrection of the dead , the stock market hinted that among the long-stagnated holdings, there would be stocks with volatile stock prices.

Dreaming of the resurrection of the dead coming out of the coffin, implying that the original undistributed dividends in the holding stocks will resume distribution, or that the stocks with low prices for a long time will suddenly rise and rise.

Dreaming of the deceased coming into the house, suggesting that for a long time, the stocks that have not been moved and the shares that have not been distributed will become active. If the deceased is a grandmother, they should buy food stocks.

Zhou Yi Jie Meng

Dreaming of talking to the dead will make a name for itself.

Dreaming of eating with someone who has died will lead to longevity.

Dreaming of holding the dead in his arms, or shouting the names of the dead, soon to die.

The coward dreamed that the deceased wife would marry an educated woman , and she would become an assistant in her career.

The widow dreamed that her late husband would abide by chastity and leave a name in history.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Shout the dead, the Lord is dead. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

See dead husband, woman chastity. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dreaming of the dead but living, Lord is expensive. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming about the dead eating, this is Ji Zhan. "Secret Secretary"

Dreaming of the dead drinking, the Lord was sick. "Secret Secretary"

Dreaming of the dead. The Lord is so depressed, so is the good sign. "Secret Secretary"

Dream dead. The dream dead is suddenly like a living person, Zhaozhu far believes. Dreaming dead gathered in silence, and the Lord was rainy. Dreaming about death and scolding. Dreamed that the dead diet was the main cause of illness; those who ate with the dead were Jizhan. Dreamers are happy, bleeding is rich. Dreaming of dead rotten bones, it is worth a fortune. Dreamers are fierce, and those who go are lucky. Dreams hold the dead and cry, and the laughter is fierce. The dreamer died and the laughter got sick, and the cryer got sick. Dreams burned people, and they were filthy. Most people dream of the dead, mostly Hili. If a dead person sees it in a dream, it is a sad thing. If the dream is obscure, but seeing the dead boasting, those who breathe into their mouths are a great omen. Mysterious Dreams

The dream bleeds, and the Lord gains money. "Secret Secretary"

The dream is dead, the Lord has a happy event. "Secret Secretary"

The dead cry and get rich. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

The dead stand, the Lord is fierce. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Everyone is pregnant, the Lord is dead. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Talk to the dead, the master rises. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: If there are dead people in the dream, they generally represent the particularly optimistic or negative feelings you have experienced about these people. The cause of this dream may be guilt or aggressiveness that has not yet been addressed. Dreaming of the deceased in this way is the only possibility of finally ending this relationship.

Psychoanalysis: Memory may be sealed in the subconscious for many years. When deceased people appear in dreams, you often think of other times, places, or other relationships. This will help you better cope with the status quo.

Spiritual Symbol: If you dream of a deceased person, it may indicate the connection between your own spirit and the ancestors that have long been forgotten.

Dream Case Study

In the dream, I do n’t know who was attending the memorial service, because the face of the deceased was very strange and I did n’t know it, but when I offered him flowers, he suddenly grabbed my hand! , Ran to the parents' room for help. [Female, 26 years old]

Dreamland analysis: Death in this dream is more symbolic of your special psychology. You may have a very important thing to solve, and it seems to be very troublesome. If you want to hide or escape, it may be flawed.

The death in the dream also symbolizes that you will have a very important change in real life. Death means to start again.

The dead symbolizes your past memories. This memory may be bad, but it may also be beautiful. No matter what, it must be a memory that you want to forget. A stranger in your dream grabs your hand, indicating that the problem you are trying to avoid has never been solved.