In psychoanalysis, the monsters, monsters, demons, and mischievous little ghosts in dreams can all be regarded as demons, representing the dark side of the subconscious, or destructive impulses, and also symbolizing danger or enemies.

Dreaming of the devil usually means that you have suffered intense distress or danger in your life, your heart is tense, and you feel worried and fearful.

To dream of talking to the devil symbolizes making a deal with the devil, or following the devil’s ideas, which means that you may do stupid things.

To dream of the devil talking with others indicates that your enemies may unite and bring you great troubles and disasters.

Dreaming of fighting with the devil implies that your opponent will bring you losses.

If you defeat the devil in your dream, it indicates that you will defeat your opponent and become famous.

If you dream of being attacked by the devil, be careful. It may indicate a life-threatening disaster. If you feel that the devil is huge, dancing its teeth and claws at you, be careful of other people's temptation and flattery, there may be terrible traps hidden under the lie that will make you fooled. Women should be careful to be deceived by married men or men who look faithful.

Dreaming that there are demons and ghosts chasing you, implying that you will encounter troubles and be entangled in troubles.

If you dream of chasing monsters and monsters, it means that you will avoid disasters or overcome difficulties, and things will get better.

If you dream of being killed by a demon or ghost, it means that you may be ill, or your ongoing plan will be destroyed by your opponents, and you will not be able to proceed smoothly.

If you dream of killing monsters and monsters, it indicates that you will win the lawsuit or win the gambling.

If you dream of a monster running to your home, it means that there may be disputes in your home, or you may suffer losses due to being deceived, and you must remind your family to take precautions together.

A gambler dreams of a devil is a serious warning, indicating that you may go bankrupt because of gambling.

If you are awakened by the devil in your dream, beware of your false friends and set a trap to hurt you. Men and women in love should guard against the intervention of a third party and make each other change their hearts.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Whoever sees the devil is in danger. Dreamsmeaning Book

When the devil talks with people, the main culprit is. Dreamsmeaning Book

Talk to the devil, the Lord abandons things. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of the devil generally means that you have to sort out your wild and primitive side, although it will make you feel unfamiliar with yourself and cause fear. You have to do it to yourself, and pay attention to following it, not against it. The devil loses its power when you begin to realize that it is something that everyone has and must face anyway.

Psychoanalysis: The devil in the dream is the evil side of anthropomorphized people, the animal nature that people dare to confront. If you are afraid of your passion, anger, and feelings, it is easy to show up as the devil in your dreams.

Spiritual symbol: The boundary between friend and enemy is sometimes very blurred. You should probably take the knife from yourself before you can see any kind of evil or hypocritical behavior.