Dreaming that you are performing magic implies that your husband and wife (couples) are not in a good relationship. It is because you lack communication, so you need to know more about each other.

Hearing someone chanting a spell in a dream indicates that friends and you will become strangers.

Dreaming about powerful magic means that something worries you has occurred at home or at work. It may also indicate that your health is not good. Although you want to perform many things, you are always unable to do so.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: dreaming of using magic in your dream indicates that you hope to accomplish what you want to do without any effort or difficulty. In addition, similar dreams can also mean that you are trying to make the situation develop in a direction that is beneficial to you or in accordance with your own arrangement.

Psychoanalysis: The magic in your dream represents your own potential abilities.

Spiritual symbol: The magic in the dream represents on the spiritual level the mysterious power that you cannot understand and control.