Zhou Gong interprets dreams and sees dragons coming home

Dragons, gods too; gods, blessings too. This dream bodes well for your luck.

Dreaming of dragons at home, you will get good luck like a dream, and it is your best dream that your life will change suddenly, especially in gambling, you will get unexpectedly great profits.

Dreaming of the dragon flying to the ground indicates that you will have unexpected income in the near future.

Dreaming of a dragon entering the door, or drilling into the stove, or taking the dragon into the water, indicates that you will be fortuned and will be promoted.

The pregnant woman dreams that Long Fei enters the house or gets into her clothes, which foreshadows a lively, cute, intelligent child, and the child will definitely be famous in the future!

The pregnant woman dreamed that the two dragons flew into the house or got into the clothes, indicating that twins would be born.

Zhougong Stock Market Dreamed of Dragon Home

Dreaming of dragons entering the home, the stock market should be bought from the opening.

Case Study of Dreaming of Dragon Home

Dream description: Last night I dreamed that Dragon came into my kitchen stove and was dying. I went to get water to moisten his body, and then he came back. I wanted him to return to the place where there was water, and I held him. He walked towards the pond, but he kissed me on the road. He didn't want me, and I couldn't bear him. Later, I lived with him. He is a white dragon and is very cute. I don't know what this foreshadows?

Dream analysis: Dreaming of dragons at home is a sign of good fortune. The dragons in dreams will bring you good luck. You will have good health, a wealth of resources, and good luck.