Dream Dictionary dream dragon snake

Dreaming of dragons and snakes entering the home heralded a fortune.

Dreaming that the dragon and snake had penetrated into the stove, foreshadowing that they would become officials.

Dreaming of dragons and snakes killing is a bad omen.

Dreaming of dragons and snakes entering the stove has official arrival, dreaming of dragons or snakes entering the stove, there will be official luck;

Dreaming of women seeing dragons and precious children, pregnant women dreaming of dragons, foreshadows that dreamers will have precious children;

Dreaming that the dragon and snake is the main murderer, dreaming that the dragon or snake kills people, means a bad omen;

Dreaming of snakes and dragons to help you, dreaming of snakes and dragons will help you.

Dreaming of riding a dragon into the water has a place, dreaming of riding a dragon into the water, there will be wealth, there will be official transport or high, is a great dream, can not be broken within three days;

Dreaming of dragons sleeping in the water to get things done, dreaming of dragons sleeping in the water, foreshadows that everything in the business or business is going well, everything is good, good luck;

Dreaming of the dragon darling Dajichang, dreaming of the dragon darling door or coming to the door means that the job seeker is promoted. If there is a pregnant woman in the family, a noble son will be born.

Dreaming that the dragon's master lost his honor, dreaming of the dragon's death, means that the official position is unfavorable, and the master loses his honor, which is a bad dream;

I dreamed of riding a dragon and asking for it, dreaming of riding a dragon to go up the mountain, what I asked for could be achieved, and then I wanted to be an official, and I can rise up. It is an auspicious dream.

Dreaming that the dragon entered the well was humiliated, and dreaming that the dragon entered the well would be disadvantageous for the officials, trapped and humiliated and difficult to extricate themselves;

Dreaming that Long Fei has a high official position, dreaming that the dragon is flying, suggesting that the official can fly up or rise in the official field, it is a lucky dream, which cannot be broken within three days;

Dreaming of Chenglong's listing as a master, dreaming of Chenglong's listing indicates that there is an official position, and those who are officials can be promoted to the high rank;

Dreaming of dragons and snakes getting rich, and dreaming of dragons or snakes entering the house means that the dreamer has good fortune;

The original version of Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed of a dragon and snake

The dragon and snake get started, and the Lord gets rich. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dragon snake enters the stove, there are official arrivals. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

The dragon and snake kill, the master is fierce. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dreaming on stage met the dragon snake. This dream is a sign of good luck, so caution should be the best policy. Mysterious Dreams

Case Study of Dreaming Dragon Snake

Dream description: I dreamed last night when I dreamed that a golden monster like a dragon and a snake came to my house. At that time, the house made a mess; the monster was attached to the door. I wanted to drive it away, but The body was covered by it and could not move; then Jesus came and penetrated into me, letting me hover in the air a few times, and then the monster disappeared in the dream. Please answer the dream master!

Analysis of dreams: This dream is tangled. As a general person, this dream can be roughly understood as a cultural conflict, but some domestic Christians believe that snakes and dragons and all indigenous Buddhist Taoist gods are devil. They hold a scornful attitude. The most crucial point is the interpretation of the golden monster image. It may be representative or a threat from Eastern culture. Jesus has the character of a guardian in your consciousness. You may have some conflicts in your heart, but choose The aspect is not determined enough, in this dream you are asking for help and self-torturing to get inner peace.