Dreaming of participating in a mourning means that you will sacrifice many opportunities.

The woman dreamed of mourning, and she saw her lover in the mourning crowd in her dream, indicating that she was desperate to pursue her lover in desperation.

Dreaming of a funeral indicates that the dreamer's life will be very happy, the family will be very harmonious, and wealth will be prosperous.

Dreaming of the funeral for a loved one indicates that the body of the loved one will be very healthy.

Dreaming that you are standing in the funeral procession indicates that the dreamer will rise steadily and make great progress in her career.

Dreaming of others doing funerals indicates that the dreamer will have official affiliation and the possibility of promotion and salary increase.

Dreaming of the funeral is a sign that the dreamer's fortune has improved and will get better and better.

Dreaming of the funeral and wearing filial robes on her own indicates that the dreamer will realize that everything is going well. Recently, it will be very smooth.

Dreaming of a funeral for his parents indicates that the parents of the dreamer will live a long life, and their health will be very good.