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Dreaming of the Dragon King, a lucky sign, is a sign of getting rich.

The staff dreamed of the Dragon King and would get the promotion of leadership.

Businessmen dream of the Dragon King and business will go well.

Dreaming that the King of Dragons is talking to you, great luck and great foresight, indicating that your lucky day is coming. In the future, if you are rich, then you will become a very good person at work and will be appreciated by your boss.

Those who dreamed that the Dragon King was raining in the sky, and those who did not find a job, would have a good job opportunity recently. In the work, through hard work, they will have both money and wealth, and bear paw and fish will be available.

Dreaming that the Dragon King is becoming a mortal, Lord Ji, there will be a very good helper in your work to help you achieve your desired goal, cherish it, this noble person can help you solve other worries.

Dreaming that the King of Dragons turns into a beautiful woman, the unmarried person, the relationship will further develop, the married person will get a fortune, and the unmarried and unlove person will have an unforgettable relationship.

Dreaming that the King of Dragons is standing in the sky and laughing, it shows that you have recently felt insecure, worried, full of heart, and work is not going well. However, you can relax by travelling through emotions. People will also have a new relationship.

The original version of Zhougong Xiemeng dreamed about the Dragon King

Dreaming about the Dragon King, Daji. Dreaming of the dragon god, the main wind and clouds meeting, heads and horns, flying change, take advantage of the signs of the world. The dream of the city people will be won by the treasures and treasures at home. Mysterious Dreams

Dreamed about the King of Dragons, gave birth to your son, and Daji. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Case Study of Dreaming Dragon King

Description of the dream: I dreamed that I was in the Dragon Palace and talked to the Dragon King, and was left as a guest by the Dragon King. Is this dream fierce?

Dream Analysis: Dreaming that talking to the Dragon King is an auspicious dream. The Dragon King can be used as your leader's image in this dream. This dream means that you are highly appreciated by the leader. Your promotion and salary increase are just around the corner.