Dreaming of monsters killing each other. If you dream of monsters killing each other, love will improve, and you will get a loyal love. Dreaming of being hurt by a monster, suggesting that your physical health will not be too good. Pay special attention to digestive diseases such as food poisoning and dysentery when eating normally. Change your habit of eating ice cream on your way home.

Dreaming of knocking down monsters, this means that you are a very small person in the crowd. You rarely care about being noticed. You feel weak about your existence. You want to make yourself more attractive. This neglected atmosphere was liberated, so I dreamed of defeating the monster.

Dreaming of being attacked by a monster means that you will feel uneasy because of some things being destroyed, and your job may be downgraded. Although this kind of anxiety always persists, you do not have the courage to fight for it. Change, so I can only accept it.

Dreaming of a monster, which means that your heart is in a state of restlessness, maybe it is life, work, or emotional unrest that makes you feel insecure, or that you have some desires in real life that have been constantly Suppress it and the monster will appear in your dream.

Dreaming of being frightened by a monster to run away , this emotionally indicates that the emotional relationship between you and your lover is broken. If it is a quarrel, you must quickly find a way to get it together, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. In life, there may be a dispute with someone, and everyone just sits down and talks.

Dreaming of monsters killing each other means that love is better. We can expect to love each other, this world belongs to me personally ... The main chance of dating is best controlled by women, so everything can go smoothly.

Dreaming of being attacked by Strange Lu means that health will decline. Special attention must be paid to diseases of the digestive system such as food poisoning and dysentery. Change your habit of eating ice cream on your way home.