Dream ghost blame is a bad omen, ghosts dream is a good omen.

  Dreaming of catching ghosts and attacking ghosts, good luck, can avoid disaster.

  Case study of dreaming about catching ghosts

  Dream description: Life scene in the old house where he once lived. In the dream, there was a deceased grandma, who lived with me as if he had lived. There are dogs, uncles, and uncles at home. Help me catch ghosts in the room where I live. I don't see him like this ghost. It's hard to find him. The only thing he could find was my dog, and I was scared to touch it with my own body, but I wanted to catch this ghost again, and felt that he gave me a lot of pressure and fear. I want to destroy it completely. All the scenes and people in the dream are loved ones who used to live with me. (The deceased grandma and grandma used to live in the same room as me; uncle and grandma lived next to me; dogs are also ordinary domestic dogs raised in Zeng's house.)

  Dream Analysis: Ghosts represent bad things and are a bad sign. Dreaming of ghosts will be in danger. Dreaming of attacking ghosts is a good sign, which can avoid disaster. Dreaming of running as soon as you see a ghost means that the enemy will be conquered by yourself. Dreaming of ghosts in the courtyard, sadness dispersed.