Dreaming of ghost possession means you will encounter danger.

Dreaming that you have a ghost is generally caused by incorrect sleeping posture. Don't put your hands on your heart or stomach when you sleep. If the quilt is too thick, you may oppress yourself. Relax and relax. It is also possible that this is due to excessive pressure and irritability recently, so I feel breathless when sleeping, and also because I always think before going to bed, causing sleep to be a dream. So you should rest more and eat more light foods. Naturally, "ghosts" won't find you easily.

Dreaming of family members being possessed by ghosts means that they will encounter danger, which means that many unsatisfactory things in life have happened recently.

Candidates dream of being possessed by ghosts, indicating that the test results are not satisfactory and need to work harder.

A businessman dreams of being possessed by a ghost, ( Dreamsmeaning Book ) Shows that your fortune is very good.