Dreaming of the new tomb and the coffin is like an ominous dream, but it is actually a good dream that can be eliminated.

Dreaming about your own tomb-building dream is even more a good omen. You will be better than you expected.

To dream of going to a grave sweeping means that someone invited you to dinner or a banquet.

Dreaming of burial indicates auspicious signs. Ordinary people’s dream is to establish a career and become a family; official dreams are to move forward;

Dreaming that there is no coffin in the burial, the main disaster is coming. If there are those who advocate the pavilion, the main family will be ruined, so be careful.

Dreaming of the dead being buried, life and property will be protected.

Adults dream about the health of the deceased being buried. They still need to pay attention to kidney diseases, and control the amount of drinking and exercise, and do not consume excessively.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of new tombs and coffins indicates that the stock market will rise and you can enter the market to buy.