What does dreaming about Buddha light mean? Are you dreaming about Buddha light? Buddha dream realistic effects and reactions and subjective imagination of the dreamer, consider the following from the ( Duke explain the official website to help www.zgjm.org) small make you dream of finishing a detailed explanation of the Buddha bar.

Dreaming of the light of the Buddha: a symbol of divine light, it represents divine power, and generally implies spiritual and spiritual sublimation.

Countless Buddha statues: symbolizing happiness, wisdom, and compassion, which usually means that you want to climb upwards, and for daily problems, it can also provide clues to avoid getting into trouble. This dream sometimes symbolizes a major change in your life, most likely your moral attitude, compassion, and Dharma wisdom.

Dreamed of the beautiful melody of the Buddhist scripture: a symbol of tranquility and security, generally reflecting the state of inner peace.

Dreaming of things moving without wind: the heart is moving, reflecting the power of Dharma and tranquility. good luck!