Dreaming of fighting flies heralded the need to compete with others to develop.

Dreaming of eating flies is a sign of illness.

Dreaming of many flies means more and more enemies, and we should find ways to avoid making enemies.

Dreaming of getting rid of flies means breaking through obstacles in your career and achieving success.

Dreaming that flies are buzzing around themselves while eating , it means disease, and you need to pay attention to your health.

Flies bring harassment to people, symbolizing that the enemies use indirect methods to harm themselves and perform small actions behind their backs.

Dreaming of flies, it means that someone will take the opportunity to make a small report to your boss. If you are missing something in your work, you should immediately admit it to your boss. Never let the villain have the opportunity.

Dreaming of spiders catching flies, they said they would be killed in terrible accidents in the near future.

Dreaming of flies gathering on food, this is a dream that suggests that oneself or family member is sick.

Dreaming that there are flies flying around, you may be tortured by someone or there will be a big dispute.

Dreaming of flocks of flocks fought each other, a sign of constant gossip or loss due to slander or frame.

Dreaming that the flies attached to the body could not be removed, and the execution of the thing appeared to hinder and was forced to slow down.