The honor guard of ancient Chinese emperors when they went out. In the book of Cai Yan, "The emperor was born, and the car was driven the second time, which is called the halogen book." It has its own name. "After the Han Dynasty, the concubines, princes, and ministers all had halogen books, each with their own customization, not for the exclusive use of Tianzi.

The dream of Lubi is the meaning of good luck and wealth.

The dream of being an officer or an army soldier was a sign of promotion.

The pregnant woman dreamed of the halogen book, which foreshadows a son who will be noble in the future.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Meng Lu book cover. The warrior of the warrior dreams, and the sign of the master's entry to the post; the common woman dreams, the main child is noble, and the patient dreams, and it should be occupied by another person. Mysterious Dreams