To dream of a huge rock blocking the way, you must pay attention to your body, because this dream indicates that your health will decline. The main thing to be vigilant about is diseases of the digestive system, such as food poisoning, indigestion, dysentery, etc., must be more careful. In fact, this is probably caused by your bad eating habits, just pay more attention to it.

Mountains and rocks are images with dual symbols. The solid rock is not only an obstacle on the way forward, but also a pathway to a new life.

Dreaming about mountains and rocks, if your mood is stable, it means that the real environment around you is solid and stable. As long as you can be steady and enterprising, you can get the chance to settle down and stand by your destiny.

Dreaming that you are surrounded by mountains and rocks indicates that you may encounter a difficult or urgent situation.

Dreaming of climbing a rock wall indicates that your sexual concept is adventurous and you like to pursue excitement. Sometimes even people of the opposite sex who met accidentally dare to stage ambiguous and hot scenes, but you must grasp the bottom line.

Dreaming of standing on a huge rock indicates that you have been trusted by others recently and are suitable for elections. It is likely that there will be many candidates.