Dreaming of a tie, good luck, good luck.

The patient dreamed of a tie, and his body would soon heal.

The businessman dreamed of tying his hands, indicating that the business would be smooth.

The married man dreamed that his body was punctured, indicating a happy life and a harmonious family.

The married woman dreamed of a puncture on her body, indicating her pregnancy .

The unmarried woman dreamed of being stabbed on her body, indicating that she would marry a rich man.

The unmarried man dreamed of stabbing himself, and would marry a gentle woman.

Dreaming that someone was punctured, suggesting that you might be in trouble.

Dreaming of plucking the thorns on his feet, there may be many sorrows in the family.

Dreaming of stabbing your wife's feet implies that you will be separated from your wife.

Dreaming that the enemy is stabbing the stab is an auspicious sign, indicating that you will defeat the enemy.

Dreaming of stabbing others with a sword will be attacked by the enemy.