Dreamed it has a beautiful complexion is a lucky thing, you will experience pleasant things.

  Dream of their own skin lost its luster, expressed disappointment and disease.

  Dreaming that your skin turns white indicates that you have artistic talent.

  Women dream of skin white, he said it will encounter some love.

  Married woman dreamed skin white, indicating that you might want to be careful having an affair.

  The man dreamed that his skin turned white, being careful because his sissy hindered his career and future.

  Dreaming about your skin means that your relationship will go well. But if your skin is dark and rough, it means that you may fall into the wrong relationship emotionally and be with someone you should not love. In addition, rough skin shows signs of decline, so pay special attention.

  Dreaming that the skin is tanning means that you are in contact with the outside world, and dreaming that the normal skin is tanning, it means that you may be in a painful situation because the external relationships are too complicated, and if If there is peeling, it means that there may be some friction with people. Pay special attention to it.

  Dreaming of friends with dark skin means that you or they may suffer from unusual diseases, so pay more attention to your health.

  The skin in the dream represents the image we show to the outside world and reflects our relationship with the outside world.

  Dreaming of delicate and smooth skin, suggesting that love is easy, life is easy, and may also indicate the desire for self-perfection.

  Dreaming of long spots on the skin indicates that there may be some unsatisfactory feelings in your emotional life, or that you feel inadequate, which will upset you.

  Dreaming of skin peeling may indicate a period of stress or the need to bear the pressure alone, but soon will have its own circle of friends.

  Dreaming that the skin is tanned, it means that the interpersonal relationship may make you feel stressed in the subconscious, there is always worry in your heart and you are afraid to lose the attention or favor of others.