Dreaming that you are wandering means that you are expecting to be recognized by others or sheltered from the surrounding environment, and you are eager for stability.

  Dreaming of myself in the evening, wearing shabby clothes, wandering aimlessly with bare feet, indicates that your expectations will be missed, and there will always be frustrations affecting your efforts.

  Dreaming of wandering on the street means that he will argue with the people around him.

  Dreaming that I can't go home when I have a home indicates that I will be successful in my career.

  Dreaming of being homeless means that he will be free to soar in the business world without restraint.

  Case Study of Dreaming Wandering

  [Dream Example 1]

  Dream description: I don't know what it feels like to wander, but I wandered once in my dream. I picked up my bag and started a wandering journey. The first stop seemed to wander to the desert. After crossing the desert, I arrived in a lush country, and then I started a new journey. (Male, 28 years old)

  Dreamland analysis: The wandering in a dream is a dream of opposite meaning. Dreaming that you are wandering shows that you are an unrestrained and free person, somewhat romantic and somewhat naive. In your dreams, your wandering shows that deep down, you yearn for a peaceful and peaceful life, yearn for a warm home, and a lover.

  [Dream Example 2]

  Dream description: I dreamed of wandering in two different brand-name shoes, sleeping on the street, covering an old-fashioned red cotton quilt , and then meeting a boy who made me go down from success to success, then I took off those two Not a pair of shoes that are comfortable to wear together. Looking at their blue patterns.

  Dreamland analysis: It seems that your material life is rich, but your inner world feels empty, and you are exposed to a new thing (or engaged in a new job), making you feel that life is full of fun.

  It is recommended that you follow your current lifestyle and find more things that are beneficial to you.

  The meaning of the wanderer in the dream also needs to look at the specific content in detail, and carefully classify, compare and correlate the details. Generally speaking, dreaming that you are a homeless person is an attempt to seek a sanctuary of the soul in your environment, and a sign of seeking peace.

  If you dream of giving food or help to people in various forms, it foreshadows your social status. If you refuse to help others, it means that you will work hard in future social work and get a much lower pay than you think.