Dreaming that you are wandering means that you are looking forward to being recognized by others or being sheltered by the surrounding environment, and eager for stability.

To dream that you are wandering aimlessly with your bare feet in the night, wearing shabby clothes, indicates that your expectations will fall to nothing, and there will always be setbacks that will affect your efforts.

To dream that you are wandering on the street means that you will have a dispute with people around you.

Dreaming that you have a home and cannot go home indicates that you will achieve something in your career.

To dream of being homeless means that you will be free to fly in the business world without restraint.

Case analysis of dreaming about wandering

【Dream Case 1】

Dream description: I don't know what it feels like to be wandering, but I wandered once in a dream. I carried my bag and started the wandering journey. The first stop seemed to be wandering into the desert. After crossing the desert, I arrived in a lush country, and then I started a new journey. (Male, 28 years old)

Dream analysis: The wandering in a dream is a dream with the opposite meaning. Dreaming that you are wandering indicates that you are an unfettered and free person, somewhat romantic, and somewhat naive. In the dream, your wandering indicates that deep down in your heart, you long for the kind of peaceful and peaceful life, long for a warm home, long for a loved one.

[Dream Case 2]

Dream description: I dreamed of wandering around wearing two different brand-name shoes, sleeping on the street, covered with an old-fashioned red cotton quilt , and then met a boy who made me from despair to success, and then I took off those two Not a pair, but comfortable shoes that fit together. Look at their blue patterns.

Dream analysis: It seems that your material life is very rich, but your inner world feels empty. You are exposed to a new thing (or engage in a new job), which makes you feel that life is full of fun.

I suggest you follow your current lifestyle and find more things that are good for you.

The meaning of the wanderer in the dream is to look at the specific content carefully, and to carefully classify, compare and make the details related. Generally speaking, dreaming of yourself as a wanderer is an attempt to seek a shelter for your soul in your environment, and a sign of seeking peace.

If you dream of giving people food or help in various forms, it indicates the improvement of your social status. If you refuse to help others, it indicates that you will work hard in the future social work, and the pay will be much lower than you think.