When women dream of birth, they may directly indicate a true birth. For example, the dreamer wishes to have a child, or will have a child. If the dreamer's birth is accompanied by bad emotions, it means that the dreamer does not want to become pregnant for a while , but is worried that she will become pregnant.

  Directly dreaming about birth can also represent various psychological and spiritual births, such as great changes, self-awakening, and so on. The dream of a child born out of what it was like, reflects the dreamer's heart Barber change students what it was like.

  Dreaming about the birth and the birth of life is something that excites parents, dreaming about the birth of a child indicates that happy things are coming.

  A married woman dreams that her child will be born, indicating that pleasant things are coming, and there will be a surprise;

  Unmarried women dream of having children , reminding dreamers to pay attention to their words and deeds, and not to be deceived.