To dream of conflicts with others indicates that the dreamer will be carefree.

Dreaming of conflicts with your wife means that everything at home will go well, so you will feel happy.

A woman in love dreams of conflicts with others, which implies that the dreamer will be worried.

To dream of conflicts with others indicates that the dreamer will be frown on his own difficulties and should pay attention to interpersonal relationships.

Conflict is worry-free. Conflict is a solution to the problem, and this solution is very straightforward and represents a satisfactory result.

Dreaming of conflicts with others makes you carefree.

A woman dreams of quarreling with her husband and wanting to have a baby . A woman in love dreams of fighting with her lover, she will feel worried.

To dream that your wife is fighting with others , the wife is going to be sick. Dreaming of a conflict with a friend will make you frown at your own difficulties.

To dream of fighting the enemy inextricably, the enemy will engage in conspiracy against oneself and cause oneself to suffer losses.

Psychological dream interpretation

Description of dreams: People's subconsciousness seems to be able to classify various information, compare them, and draw out contradictions from it. When the dreamer is in inner disputes, it is easier to dream of contradictory stereotypes, such as men and women, young and old, smart and stupid. Their function is like a pendulum, summarizing a pair of contradictory opposites into a unified whole.

Psychoanalysis: The use of this kind of method to summarize or play contradictory stereotypes can be traced back to a long historical period. Sometimes the male aspect of the dreamer is clarified in one dream, and the female aspect of the dreamer is involved in the next dream. If the dreamer carefully observes the opposing characters, the opposing situation and atmosphere in the dream, then he can easily analyze the psychological processes in the dream when interpreting the dream.

Spiritual symbol: From this perspective, the contradiction in the dream means an attempt to practice spiritual balance.