Dreaming of traps reminds you to guard against traps.

Dreaming that you are designing traps indicates that you will find ways to use strategies to achieve your ideals.

If you dream of yourself falling into a trap set by others, it means that your enemy will defeat you by trick.

To dream of catching nothing in the trap you designed indicates that you will encounter setbacks or receive bad news.

Dreaming that you are playing a game of setting or finding traps indicates that no matter what career you choose to pursue, you will enjoy a good life.

Dreaming of dilapidated or destroyed traps indicates that you may swallow the bitter fruits of your career failure or that someone in your family may suffer from illness.

Dreaming of mouse traps or traps for catching other small animals implies that you may feel that your creativity is suppressed, and your personality and spirituality are suppressed by your life and environment.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Falling into a trap in a dream means that you feel that you are in trouble. If you want to catch a person or animal consciously, it means you are trying to catch and keep something. Catching a butterfly symbolizes imprisoning yourself.

Psychoanalysis: You were detained by the prisoner in your dream, indicating that you have not been able to get rid of your old behavior and thinking patterns, and you need external help.

Spiritual symbol: From this perspective, the trap signifies spiritual restraint and conservation. You may feel that your body is about to be detained, as if you have fallen into a trap.

Case analysis of dreaming about traps

Dream description: In the dream, I took my favorite pink flat-bottomed sheepskin baby shoes to go to a place where everyone knew me, but they all pretended not to know me, just waiting for me to jump into a paved trap. Fortunately I found it out. Then I met two tourists and I warned them that the leader was a liar. Then I dialed 110 with my mobile phone, but after the call was connected, there was a voice saying: Don't you know me? I was very scared, and immediately hung up, and my mother woke me up. (Female, 24 years old)

Dream analysis: "Going to that place" symbolizes that you are about to enter a field that you have never experienced in your mind. It is likely to be related to marriage or the opposite sex. "Pink flat sheepskin baby shoes" represents a romantic, soothing, gentle, and innocent attitude towards marriage or associating with the opposite sex. "Trap", "Warning", "Hit 110", and "Fear" are reminding yourself of danger. What your dream shows is a kind of worry when you are facing a new situation.