To dream that you are in an environment that smells bad, indicates that something unfortunate will happen on your body.

Dreaming that your body emits a stench indicates that there will be diseases on your body.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: You smell a smell in your dream, which usually means that you are trying to classify objects or experiences to find out the reason and discover where the smell space comes from. Emotional events are very strongly reflected in dreams, but the sense of smell generally only manifests itself when it shows special meaning.

Psychological analysis: Various smells play an important role in childhood, and many of them are closely related to certain special events or situations, such as fragrant bread, fragrant flowers, and the scent in the school restaurant. A pleasant smell can symbolize happy times, and an unpleasant smell reminds people of particularly bad times and times.

Spiritual symbol: When the spiritual feeling is developing, the ability and smell of the past era will make people feel scary in the obvious position. If this skill is seen as a method by which a certain event, a certain place or a certain person can be correctly summarized, then it will not be deduced into a specific difficulty or problem.