The interrogation in the dream represents the trouble or the matter is proceeding steadily.

  Dreaming that the police interrogated himself rigorously revealed that Mengming had hidden troubles that were caused by careless behavior, indicating that Guan might be upset.

  Dreaming of scrutinizing others seriously indicates that the dreamer hopes to fully grasp the progress of the plan, which means that the plan will proceed steadily.

  Dream Interrogation Case Study

  Dream description: I dreamed that I was interrogating a suspect. The suspect is very cunning and is a "two into the palace". At the beginning, he rushed and refused to acknowledge the crime. Later, under the credible evidence, he had to confess. (Male, 32 years old)

  Dream interpretation: Interrogative dreams represent the troublesome things or the steady progress of things. Dreaming that the police will interrogate you rigorously, shows that in your heart, there are troubles involved because of careless behavior, which indicates that you may encounter troubles. Dreaming that you are scrutinizing other people shows that you want to be able to fully grasp the progress of the plan, which means that your plan will proceed steadily.