Dreaming of a crack in the ground symbolizes that there is a problem with the foundation and status.

Dreaming of the earth splitting indicates a change in social status.

Dreaming of the sky splitting means that the country has hidden worries of division.

Dreaming of the ground splitting means sudden illness or accident.

Dreaming that the house is now cracked and in danger of collapsing, indicates that there is a problem with your mental state. Or encountered a difficult problem in reality.

Dreaming of cracks in the house is an ominous sign, disaster will come or you will get sick.

Dreaming of cracks in the rented house means that your house owner (family) will soon be seriously ill (or pass away).

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of loopholes means that the dreamer is consuming or losing his power. Dreaming of liquid seeping slowly from the cracks means that he has not realized the problem. Dreaming of liquid spraying out indicates that it is time to consider ";repair";. Recognizing your responsibilities may be an effective way to solve the problem.

Psychological analysis: The cracks in the dream can indicate that the dreamer has neglected to pay attention to his own problems (such as physical, emotional or spiritual), and thus failed to make the necessary ";repair" in time.

Spiritual symbol: The loophole in the dream symbolizes the loss of life ability on the spiritual level.