Dreaming of losing and regaining, interpersonal relationships are shrouded in shadows. Disputes may arise between friends. At this time, your attitude will have a great impact on your credibility, so you must act cautiously.

A single person dreams of losing and recovering, your love affair agrees, but don't be too careless.

If a child dreams of losing and regaining, his fortune will be prosperous in the near future, and his future will be full of light and hope. To be overwhelmed is to destroy good luck, so socialize should be smooth and modest.

A case study of dreaming about lost and recovered

Dream description: I dreamed of being with my husband at the time, in my former home, Changfang, my notepad, in a box, the box is full, it is easy to see it next to my notepad, there are two more Woman, I took the notepad in front of my husband and showed it to him. The surface of the notepad was buried, and it was a bit soiled. I tried to get the soil down, and then I woke up.

Dream analysis: It means that you can't let go of many things in the past.