To dream of turtle writing on the back is a good sign.

A person in official career dreams that there are turtle inscriptions on his back, indicating that he is promoted.

The old people dream of turtle writing on their backs, which indicates that they will increase their longevity.

A person who has been sick all the year dreamed of turtle text on his back, indicating that he would recover soon.

The tortoise is a symbol of longevity and at the same time a representative of wealth. The turtle in the dream, whether it is a tortoise or a sea turtle, is a symbol of auspiciousness.

Dreaming of catching a tortoise, you still need to fight for your good luck.

Dreaming of a tortoise crawling into the house indicates that the dreamer will have a wealth of income;

When a man dreams of a tortoise, it means that the dreamer’s career is moving forward steadily, and everything goes well;

A woman dreams of a tortoise indicates that her status will be improved, she will be honored by others, and her career will develop;

Dreaming that the tortoise is dead indicates that the future is uncertain;

A pregnant woman dreams of a tortoise, which implies that her child is lively and healthy;

A girl dreams of a tortoise, which indicates that she will marry an elderly rich man;

A business person dreams of a tortoise, indicating that business is prosperous and the business is progressing smoothly.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

There is a turtle in the dream, Ji. The main rank is the three males, the life is increased by the first period, and all chronic diseases are eliminated. Menglin Xuanjie