Dreaming about the end of the world indicates that your planned work will be completed. If you seem to accept your fate, you also hope to escape punishment; if not, your work will fail.

The young woman dreamed that she appeared before the trial stand and heard that she was convicted, indicating that she would bring misfortune and sadness to her friends because of her selfish and improper behavior.

If she dreams that the deceased is slowly standing up, everyone is waiting solemnly and fearfully for the final outcome, which means that she must continue to work hard. Her friends will not help her; this dream also foreshadows nasty gossip, it is likely that there is a scandal about you; there is no improvement in career.

A case study of   dreaming about the end of the world

Dream description: In the dream, I was sitting in the spaceship with two people. At this moment, they suddenly pressed a button. As a result, everything on the earth was ruined except us. My boyfriend and I once saw these two people in a magazine. When we got out of the spaceship, we were located in a large lake in Michigan. (Female, 26 years old)

Dream analysis: the scene of entering the "end of the world" implies a feeling of powerlessness. You may feel very helpless, a little overwhelmed by the pressure from life or work, so you want to be free from your daily duties. In the dream you, your boyfriend, and your friends survived the destruction of the earth, and these people are symbolizing your support system.