Dream dog nest is bad omen, indicating that the family will have a funeral.

Dreaming of the appearance of a mad dog is prone to unexpected accidents, especially traffic accidents.

To dream of taking a big dog for a walk, the interpersonal relationship is good, and you can get along with new and old friends happily.

To dream of petting a puppy, the concept of time will get worse and worse. Sometimes it is difficult to catch up with class time, and the teacher is scolded again.

Dreaming that two dogs are playing with each other, there will be an upward trend in love, but don't get too overwhelmed, it will appear too frivolous, and may be hated by the other party, so be modest.

Dreaming that the dog is eating , everything is going smoothly. If you think your pocket money is too little, this is the time to ask for more pocket money.

Dreaming that the dog is urinating, the physical condition is getting worse. You must be careful to maintain your own health.

To dream of a dog barking at oneself means that the relationship between friends will deteriorate. It is best to avoid being alone with people who can’t get along. At this time, you must get through the crisis through group communication.

Dreaming that the dog is running fast, the fortune is pretty good, there will be an unexpected temporary income, and there will be a lot of money in the pocket temporarily.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream of kennel, death; Yiyun family is mourning. Dunhuang Book of Dreams