Dreaming that the alarm bell is ringing indicates that you will laugh to the end in the fierce competition.

  The woman dreamed that the alarm bell sounded, indicating that she had sounded the alarm bell about to be separated from her husband or lover.

  Dreaming of alarm bells usually symbolizes time, age and urgency, and evokes short-lived emotions and feelings about life.

  The warning in the dream may draw the attention of the dreamer to internal or external conditions that require attention. He might put himself in danger.

  The warning from the dreamer indicates that he can recognize the difficulties and dangers of others or the hidden parts of self. What it specifically involves can be identified from the context of the dream. Getting a written warning may suggest bad behavior.

  Warnings may tell dreamers how they can make themselves more intuitive. He must trust his intuition and use his intuition accordingly.

  Dreaming of admonishing others, his career will be successful.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream Bell Hong Yuan: Ji. The dream is extraordinary, with high moral character, long-lasting things, good profits, and enjoy the omens. The case ended well. Mysterious Dreams

  Dreaming from the bell: If you dream about this, you will have luck, and everything will happen by chance. However, it is important to remember that time is fast, and that time is precious, and you have not missed this good time. Mysterious Dreams