If you often have strange dreams, especially repeated dreams of the same nature, or you have suddenly had strange dreams recently, it is usually a precursor to suffering from a certain disease. It is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination in time. This is usually because the dreamer is in a busy working life during the day, and the body receives strong external signals, so it is not easy to detect subtle changes in the body. After falling asleep, the weak stimulus signals formed by the disease in the body are amplified and gradually strengthened. It is transmitted to the brain, which forms a related dream.

Strange Dream Case Study

It happened in 2002. The friend's sister was Chen Weifeng. It all started from a strange dream. One night, Sister Feng had a dream. In the dream, a very handsome boy, he was handsome, with fair skin and almost no trace of blood. In the dream, the boy asked if she would like to be his bride? Sister Feng was in a dream I was very happy to meet such a handsome boy to propose, but because of the girl's shyness, she did not immediately agree. The boy told her a little hesitant and then told him a phone number. If she wanted to, she would call the number to find he.

After waking up the next day, Sister Feng felt strange. Why did she have such a dream? And it was so real. Even the phone number in the dream was clearly printed in her mind. At work, Sister Feng was talking with colleagues. When I was chatting, I told my colleague about this. The colleagues made fun of her and dreamed of being handsome. At this time, a colleague proposed to try to call the phone number in the dream to see if it would work. Sister Feng said how could things in the dream be. Seriously? I still do n’t want to call, but my colleagues want her to try it. I ca n’t help but persuade everyone. She still dialed that number and only heard a man ’s voice over the phone: Hello! Hello, here it is City cremation plant, what's the matter? Sister Feng was pale and scared as soon as she heard this sentence. She hurriedly threw away the phone. Her colleagues were so shocked when she saw her response. A colleague was busy asking what was going on. ?

Sister Feng stunned and uttered the address where the phone number was located. At this time, several colleagues felt that the seriousness of the matter was far from a strange dream. At this time, a slightly older colleague said: Xiao Feng, this is a little bit Yemen, I think it's best to find a mage to help. I happen to know a very good mage who lives in Ximenqiao on the outskirts of the city. Should we go to him right away and think of a way? Sister Feng is very scared, thinking that this is only the case now. So, accompanied by a colleague, they found the mage, so she told the cause and effect of the incident in its original form. After listening to the dignity, the mage shook her head helplessly. When Sister Feng saw this, her heart was even more anxious and anxious. Afraid, the colleague quickly asked: What about the mage? The mage sighed and said: oh! It's too late, if you don't make that call, everything can be restored, but now, alas, sister Feng is crying and kept begging: Master, save me, I'm still young, I don't want to die!

The mage just shook his head helplessly, and Sister Feng's colleague also hurriedly asked the mage to think of a way. It took a long time for the mage to say slowly: It ’s not that I do n’t want to help, it ’s really unsolvable. Accept it, it will keep you safe for three days, but after three days it will be difficult to say. This week you can only stay at home and do not go out. As long as you can withstand these seven days, the ghost wants to harm you. As for whether you can live safely for seven days, it ’s only by destiny. I can only do so much. Please go back. After speaking the mage, the two sisters were sent out the door.

With that charm, Sister Feng spent three days safely. On the fourth night, my friend heard a terrifying and screaming cry from Sister Feng's room. The friend immediately ran to Sister Feng's room, and the door was inside. Unlocked, the friend opened the door with his feet, but it was too late. I saw Sister Feng lying straight on the ground, her eyes protruding in horror, and the blood of her drenched the floor. The blood came from the eyes, nose, and ears. There are also leaks from her mouth. My friend could n’t believe that the sister who had been fine an hour ago died like this, and she had no wounds all over her body. The strange thing was that she bleeds . The result of the autopsy was that the adrenaline was too high. The person who caused the heart to suddenly stop beating to death, as the saying goes: Frightened to death, Sister Feng eventually failed to escape the catastrophe. As for what she saw before she died, it is unknown, and this incident has never believed in ghosts What we have said is beginning to be superstitious, because this is happening to someone you are familiar with, it ca n’t be explained by science! So if you dream of having a phone number, do n’t call