Dreaming of encountering a mysterious thing, I was puzzled by myself, indicating that strangers encountered difficulties, annoying you in the future, and seeking your help. This dream warn you, pay attention to due diligence, especially if you have always ignored, even disgust responsibility, and career you may also be involved in the intricacies of the situation, a troubled.

Dreaming that you are studying the mysterious universe, it means that your life will change, and you will feel a better atmosphere of research and learning, so you are closer to the rich and true happiness you seek.

When you see a very mysterious person in your dreams, it means that your luck will be better or worse, and it depends on whether your appearance is good-looking or ugly, and whether it is deformed.

To dream of a mysterious man threatened to kill himself, indicating that you recently spirit tight, somewhat tired.

Dreaming of being chased and killed by a mysterious black man with magic spells means that you want to erase your past disgraceful history.

People in love dreamed that a mysterious person said that I would be lonely in my life, not a good dream, which means that the current lover has no fate with you.