Dreaming of a rooster means hard work and hard work.

Dreaming of a rooster, foreshadows good news, foreshadows that you will achieve your goals or that you will meet new challenges.

Dreaming of the rooster's announcement in the early morning indicates that you will have good luck, and it also shows that you are working hard and moving forward.

When the man dreamed of the rooster reporting, he also expressed the hope that he would not sing.

A woman dreams that the rooster will announce that she may expect that she will be respected, self-respected, and self-reliant.

Dreaming of a hen croaking, ominously, indicates that you will be in trouble.

Dreaming of hearing the rooster in the morning is a good dream. If you are still single, it means that you will get married early and have a luxuriously decorated home.

Dreaming about the roar of the rooster at night, expressing disappointment, you will be sad and cry.