If the sound heard in the dream is gentle and pleasant, it means that your conflicts with others will be happily reconciled; if the sound is sharp and harsh, it means that the development of your career will be overshadowed by disappointment and disadvantage.

Dream cry ululation, you indicate a burst of anger without identified thus hurt a friend.

To dream of hearing the voice of God means that you will further enhance your noble moral sentiment and selfless life beliefs, and therefore gain the admiration and favor of other noble people.

If you are a mother, dream of hearing your child's voice. It means that you will face the perplexities and unsolvable mysteries in life.

To dream of hearing complaints or warnings indicates that you or someone close to you will experience an unfortunate event.

Dreaming of being able to distinguish sounds usually indicates the occurrence of accidents or diseases, and it may also mean suffering losses or even greater disasters.

To dream of a teacher calling your name indicates that there may be news of the death of a distant friend, or that you may be upset because of wrong information.

Dreaming of the bell ringing after class means that in real life, you beautifully beat your competitors.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Voice is an expression of interpersonal communication. Everyone has their own deep content, but sometimes it is difficult to express, and the correct use of sound to express in dreams is often easier.

Psychoanalysis: The voice you make or the voice made by others to you has two representative meanings. From a spiritual point of view, this involves the confession of the soul. Your suppressed character may be expressed through invisible voices in your dreams.

Spiritual symbol: On this level, the voice of God represents a spiritual calling force.