Dreaming that you are deceiving others means that for profit, you will deceive your employer in real life. It may also mean that you are indulged in low-level entertainment and become notorious.

If you are deceived by others in your dream, it means that someone in real life wants to frame you, but has not succeeded.

To dream of you accusing someone of cheating indicates that you will be promoted.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: If deception plays a major role in dreams, especially when you are the deceived, it means you may be a very gullible person. If you cheat someone, then he is in danger of losing a good friend.

Psychoanalysis: If people admit that many characters or images appearing in the dream, they are actually part of your own personality, then people should be vigilant and not deceive themselves.

Spiritual symbols: You should check your spiritual goals, be loyal to them, and strive to make them happen. Spiritual self-deception is a great danger in any way of spiritual development.