Dreaming of hearing an alarm bell, such as a police car, means that you have done something that disturbs your heart, or that you will be disturbed by your family at work.

Women dream of hearing the alarm bells like a police car, which means that your relationship with your husband or lover has been twisted and you may break up.

When the child dreamed of the alarm bell, he said that he might have done something against his conscience and was very disturbed and afraid of being exposed.

The warning in the dream may draw the attention of the dreamer to internal or external conditions that require attention. He might put himself in danger.

The warning from the dreamer indicates that he can recognize the difficulties and dangers of others or the hidden parts of self. What it specifically involves can be identified from the context of the dream. Getting a written warning may suggest bad behavior.

Warnings may tell dreamers how they can make themselves more intuitive. He must trust his intuition and use his intuition accordingly.