Dreaming of grass is a precursor to longevity.

Dreaming of growing grass at home, the family will be very healthy.

Dreaming of mowing heralds her life span will be shortened.

Dreaming that the grass grows at home is a lucky dream, symbolizing the health of your family and longevity.

The patient dreamed of grass, which foreshadows that you will recover soon.

Dreaming about the green grass suggests that you are in good health and your career is developing well.

It is a good dream to dream that someone else is carrying green grass in front of you. It is a sign that your fortune is good and you are getting rich.

Dreaming of grass indicates that the dreamer will recover soon.

Married dreams of grass, some signs, because grass also represents the regeneration of life.

Dreaming of mowing means that the dreamer does not cherish life and will do things that hurt the body and hurt health. Dreaming that someone came to yourself with a green grass is a sign of getting rich.