To dream of trying to comfort a struggling person indicates that you will be loved by others because of your beautiful temperament.

For young women, this dream indicates that you are deeply in love with your husband or friend.

Dreaming of trying to soothe the anger of others indicates that you will work tirelessly for the development of others.

A person in love dreams of comforting a jealous lover, indicating that he will give his love to someone who shouldn't be loved.

Case analysis of dreaming about comfort

Dream description: My mother and I were playing in the park. My mother met a male acquaintance and chatted with him. I walked away. Then the mother came over crying, I said mother, then stroked her hair and back to comfort her, then she smiled.

Dream analysis: This shows that your mother is very important in your heart, and you are also very important in your mother's heart. Stay with her more when you have time, or call her more! She will be very happy.