To dream of your parents means you will encounter lucky things. Such as sitting side by side with TV stars in the train and so on.

When a student dreams of his parents, it indicates that your academic performance is good.

The job seeker dreamed of his parents. It indicates that the interview is more likely to be restrained by others, and it is also easy to be rejected by a small circle, and it is more difficult to achieve the desired result.

Young people dream of their parents, indicating that they need to take care of their buttocks and thighs, and numbness is most likely to occur. Gentle and stretch warm-up exercises can relax. In addition, sciatica may occur, try to avoid sedentary or standing postures.

I dreamed that my boyfriend took me to see my parents. I may be dissatisfied with the current situation, but how can I see the rainbow without experiencing wind and rain?

A business person dreams that my boyfriend takes me to see my parents, which indicates that I will receive a large order in the near future and make a lot of money.

The unmarried dreamed that her boyfriend took me to see the parents, and your love affair was unsatisfactory.