In your dreams, you are unscrupulous, indicating that your career will be unexpectedly adverse or retrogressive.

  Dreaming about the wild character of others, which indicates things that don't go well, will make you quite troubled and sad.

  Dreaming of a crazy laugh at weird things, expressing disappointment and discordant surroundings.

  Suddenly dreaming of boldness is a sign of auspiciousness, and there is no fear of fear. Those who dream of this dream have no courage to move forward.

  Shopping frenzy often does not want physical enjoyment, but rather spiritual enjoyment. In a dream, dreaming of buying this and buying that in a department store represents a relaxed mood recently. It is also a subconscious reminder that you should not be too trustworthy of others.

  Dreaming about shopping frantically in a department store indicates that there will be some trivial things in the near future, and suddenly I wake up to some truth.

  Dreaming about buying crazy discounts at department stores is a sign that it is easy for them to suffer a lot because they are greedy for cheap.

  Dreaming that I bought a lot of other people's things in the department store indicates that my relationship will be improved, but my own money will be lost.

  Dreaming that I bought a lot of things I couldn't use in a department store, heralding that my efforts will be put into practice for others to make wedding clothes.