Illusions in your dreams indicate that your brain is in extreme excitement.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreams are fleeting, and there is no reason or omen for changing scenes. When people are observing one thing in a dream, it will be replaced by another in a blink of an eye. In dreams, all this is common and acceptable. People only think of it as absurd when they remember the scene in their dreams. In dreams, some things can have the characteristics of others, and there will also be things that are completely unimaginable and illogical in real life. In dreams, people sometimes do behaviors that they would never consider when they are awake. Freed from the logical rules that guide daily life, the dreamer's consciousness and understanding of the world have completely changed, including the abilities he thinks he has, possible events, his thinking pattern, and even his memory of the past.

Psychoanalysis: The emergence of hallucinations in dreams indicates that the human mind has been liberated. It can freely play according to its own judgment of things, thereby inspiring people's hidden memories, scenes and ideas in another way. They are processed in forms that are impossible in real life. In real life, people carry out various activities based on the existing real world. In contrast, dreams create another "; real world" that matches people's absurd behavior. In this sense, for example, a child who has been maliciously dominated will recreate the daytime scene in a dream, but the environment, that is, the people, places, results and feelings involved may be completely changed.

Spiritual Symbol: From a spiritual point of view, the illusion that people experience in dreams is a direct manifestation of their subconscious activities.

Case analysis of dreaming of hallucinations

Dream description: I fell asleep last night until I woke up in the middle of the night, but in fact I was not completely awake. I was in the state of half asleep and awake, and there was a hallucination-like illusion in my mind. ?

Analysis of dreams: Dreaming of hallucinations may be that you have used too much brain recently and your brain has been fatigued for a long time. You can listen to some relaxing music and pay attention to rest.