Dreaming of forming a partnership with a man indicates the ups and downs and changes related to money.

To dream that your partner is a woman indicates that you will be engaged in a certain business and do not want your friends to know.

Dreaming of dissolving unpleasant partnerships indicates that things will develop in the direction you want.

If you dream of dissolving a happy partnership, it indicates news that makes you feel uneasy, and things will turn in an unfavorable direction.

Dreaming of meeting with a partner will make you feel happy. To dream of accepting new partners means that your career is getting bigger and bigger. Dreaming of partnering with a bankrupt means that the business will be hit hard.

Partners are friends. Partners have a close relationship with themselves, and they have deep trust with each other, which symbolizes friends.

Dreaming of partnering with dishonest people means that you can get a lot of wealth through dishonest means. To dream of many partners means that your income has increased greatly. To dream of partnering with an enemy means to resolve hatred and live in harmony. Dreaming of partnering with relatives and friends means that there will be disputes in the business. To dream of withdrawing your own shares means that you will lose the help of your friends in times of difficulty.