Dreaming of forming a partnership with a man foreshadows ups and downs about money.

  Dreaming that your partner is a woman, it means that you will be engaged in a certain business, and you don't want your friends to know.

  Dreaming of dissolving an unpleasant partnership, foreshadows that things will move in the direction they want.

  If you dream of breaking up a happy relationship, it can signal that you are upset, and things will turn in the wrong direction.

  Dreaming of meeting with partners, I feel happy. Dreaming of accepting a new partner means that the business is getting bigger and bigger. Dreaming of partnering with a bankrupt means that the business will be hit hard.

  Partners are friends. The partners have a close relationship with themselves and have a deep trust in each other, symbolizing friends.

  Dreaming of partnering with dishonest people means gaining a fortune by dishonest means. Dreaming of a lot of partners means a huge increase in revenue. Dreaming of partnering with the enemy means defusing hatred and living in harmony. Dreaming of partnering with friends and relatives means that there will be business disputes. Dreaming of withdrawing his shares meant that he would lose the help of his friends in difficult times.