Dreaming of a climax indicates that the situation will develop in a good direction.

There is no metaphor in dreaming about orgasm. There will be such a phenomenon. Most of it is caused by your physical needs. That is to say, the main reason for the appearance of this dream is that your physical needs have been suppressed for too long and your subconscious mind. In order to vent, I would have such a dream.

Case analysis of dreaming about climax

Dream description: Recently, I have always dreamed about my own orgasm. After waking up, I feel embarrassed. What does this mean? There has been no such situation before. Dreaming has never done anything related to sex. Come on, what is going on?

Dream analysis: Your situation is a normal sexual psychological and sexual physiological response, not a disease. Sexual dreams are generally a response to the body’s natural sexual needs after sexual depression or sexual harmony. Don’t worry, sexual harmony or sexual satisfaction is natural. Disappeared. Sexual dreams show that your sexual psychology and sexual physiology are normal.