Dreaming of waves rushing to your feet indicates that your interpersonal relationship will be greatly improved. You may be very popular among your classmates, and you will be very popular with your classmates, and you will stop moving with your lover. The situation will also change, or the climax of your love is about to come. Anyway, it's a good change.

To dream of high waves coming fiercely indicates that you will be very busy in communication. You may be approached by relatives and friends to discuss love issues, or ask you to watch a movie with her, etc. Most of them will be busy with other people's affairs, and their trust in you will be doubled.

Dreaming of waves indicates that you will firmly control an important part of the plan.

The waves in the dream are clear, which means you will acquire a wealth of knowledge.

To dream of a storm hitting, making the waves soar, indicates that you will make a serious and unforgivable mistake.

A pregnant woman dreams of a tsunami or rolling waves, it will be very difficult to give birth to a boy.