Dream Wave flock to the foot, this indicates that your relationships will improve dramatically, the students had very humble among you may suddenly be widely loved by the students, do not stop between you and your lover before scenarios will also be changed, or you love the climax coming. Anyway, it is a good change.

  Dream big ferocious waves coming in, expressed in terms of communication will be busy. You may be asked by relatives and friends to discuss love issues or ask you to accompany her to watch a movie. Most of them will be busy with other people's affairs, and others will trust you more.

  Dreaming of waves indicates that you will be in control of an important part of the plan.

  The waves in the dream are clear, meaning you will gain a wealth of knowledge.

  Dreaming of a storm that makes the waves soaring, indicating that you will make serious and unforgivable mistakes.

  Pregnant women dream of a tsunami or rolling waves, and it will be difficult to give birth to a boy.