Debt repayment is justified; God and man are indignant only if they cannot borrow it. The debt repayment in the dream is a symbol of wealth.

  Dreaming of the dead returning money foreshadows unexpected wealth.

  Dreaming of returning money to others, auspicious dreams. It implies that in a short time, your career will be brilliant and rich.

  Dreaming of others to pay you back is a bad omen, indicating that the dreamer will suffer losses in terms of money and disaster.

  Dreaming that I was paying off debts to others, heralding good luck and a bright future.

  Dreaming of others returning money to me indicates that not only will not get money, but also small losses may occur.

  Dreaming of a friend returning money to me foreshadows good luck is coming, the future is bright, and it also implies that there are problems in interpersonal relationships due to property reasons.