The man dreamed that he had forsaken the world, indicating that the life of both husband and wife would become very happy.

  The woman dreamed that she had abandoned the mundane life, indicating that she would lead a rich and happy life.

  The unmarried man dreamed that he was out of the ordinary, foretelling that he would marry a beautiful and attentive wife.

  The unmarried woman dreamed of being out of the ordinary, indicating that marriage would be very happy.

  The prisoner dreamed that he had escaped from the dust, saying that his sentence would be severe.

  The patient dreams that he is out of the world, which indicates that his condition will worsen, it is better to be careful.

  The businessman dreamed of being out of the ordinary, indicating that his career would be developed.

  The recidivist dreamed that he was out of the world, saying that he would be arrested soon, and he would be sentenced to severe punishment or even capital punishment.

  The ruler dreamed that he was detached from the world, indicating that he would step down.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dreamers face strangers and strange things.

  The dreamer experiences self or part of the unfamiliar content, it does not belong to itself or has been cut off from itself. The dreamer understands in his dream that his life is different from others.

  Unfamiliar ultra-dust can mean vicious. But from another perspective, it may mean mystery or mystery.