Dreaming of staying near the vent, whether sitting, standing, or other postures, implies that your destiny is a bit turbulent, and to experience some ups and downs, you should learn from these grinds and learn to profit The rule of survival to avoid harm.

  Dreaming of howling, howling, howling, is a symbol of resistance and injury. The howling wind in the dream is a manifestation of the hardship in the heart.

  Men dream of howling winds, which means they will encounter greater resistance at work;

  Women dreaming of howling winds foreshadows deeper emotional damage.

  Dreaming of windy winds and good fortunes heralded that her status would improve.

  The staff dreamed that the wind was a harbinger of promotion.

  The patient dreamed of a windy wind and would soon recover.

  The prisoner dreamed of wind and would soon be free.