Dreaming of showing off your feet indicates that your luck may be bad, and you must be careful to guard against friendly gestures from strangers.

Exposure often refers to a situation where the truth is revealed when something is hidden. In dreams, leaking out of the horse's feet often means that the secret is known, and a kind of guard against the people around you.

To dream of revealing your plan when you are competing with others means that you will be calculated by others, and beware of strangers.

Dreaming that someone else framed your own plan reveals the secrets, indicating that you will have unexpected gains.

Dreaming that one's deception is showing up, indicates that one will have career development.

Dreaming of anything leaking usually indicates loss and troubles.

Dreaming that your privacy has been leaked indicates that some arrogant and arrogant guys will make you very worried.

For a woman , this dream warns her to be cautious about her personal affairs.

Dreaming that the privacy of her husband or lover is leaked by others indicates that if she speaks incorrectly, she will completely lose confidence in someone.

To dream of investigating the secrets of others in detail indicates that losses and disasters will fall to one's own head.