Dreamed handsome face, that your actions will prove that he was indeed a plausible person.

  Others dream looks very handsome, that you will get reliable real people's trust.

  Dream husband handsome happy indicate your happy family life, her husband's promising future.

  Dream strikingly handsome man, indicating you longing for this ideal image, there is likely to represent people's minds idealized masculinity.

  Women dream handsome man, means that because of overwork, health is sharply decreased, it is best to take a few days to rest, relax properly adjusted.

  A woman dreaming of a handsome man foreshadows her fame.

  Men dream handsome man, means that you are too tired or when in contact with others exchanges, the heart may have some degree of anxiety.

  Women dream of men very ugly, suggesting that people treated her as a friend will make her very troubled.

  Dream man nose crooked eye oblique, grumpy, suggesting that there will be things let you down, your situation will be very embarrassed.